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Anomaly Hunters Spot 'Crashed UFO' Near Antarctica

Conspiracy theorists combing through images from Google Earth suspect that they have spotted evidence of a crashed UFO near Antarctica, but experts are skeptical to say the least.

The weird discovery was revealed over the weekend in a YouTube video that, as of this writing, has already had over 500,000 viewers.

The photo that has captured the attention of so many people is an overhead view of the snow-covered terrain of South Georgia Island, a British-controlled territory a few hundred miles from Antarctica.

In the image, a rather sizeable object can be seen sitting in the snow with a long trail connecting the oddity to a mountain that is a fair distance away.

Some imaginative observers have opined that the strange photo shows the end result of a UFO crash, where the craft had struck the mountain and subsequently skidded along the snow to a stop.

While that would be a pretty amazing find, it appears that there is likely a more down-to-Earth explanation for the 'fallen saucer.'

A physical geographer from the UK who examined the image argues that the 'UFO' is probably just a piece of ice which was part of a larger avalanche that occurred on the nearby mountain.

Strengthening the case that this is what happened, the expert noted an accumulation of debris at the base of the slope as well an area on the mountain that appears to have been the origin of the avalanche.

What's your take on the newfound anomaly? A genuine downed flying saucer or simply a pile of snow? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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