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Anomaly Hunters Spot Secret Aircraft on Google Earth?

Anomaly Hunters Spot Secret Aircraft on Google Earth?

Anomaly hunters turning their gaze towards the Earth rather than the cosmos suspect that they may have spotted a secret American aircraft via Google Earth.

The futuristic-looking anomaly was discovered sitting outside of a Florida building said to belong to aerospace company Pratt & Whitney.

Given the exotic appearance of the oddity combined with its location, conspiracy theorists were quick to suggest that the find could be some kind of test craft yet-to-be-revealed to the public.

Similarities to an unmanned combat air vehicle known as the X-47B have led some to speculate that it could be the next generation of that craft.

But not everyone is convinced that the discovery is a clandestine aircraft, with skeptical observers proposing that it may just be a model used for radar testing or, even more prosaically, a speedboat.

Considering the government's propensity for wanting to keep a lid of the development of secret aircraft, these possibilities seem to be more realistic options.

Otherwise, one would have to assume that someone from the aerospace company made a huge mistake by leaving their secret aircraft outside for all the world to see.

Should the view of the facility suddenly be replaced by a giant block of opaque pixels on the next Google flyby, the conspiratorial conclusion of anomaly hunters may need to be revisited.

Source: Express

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