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Another Mystery Foot Found in BC

Another Mystery Foot Found in BC

A dismembered foot discovered on a beach in British Columbia is the latest chapter in what has been a bizarre ongoing mystery for the last decade.

Incredibly, the baffling body part is the thirteenth mysterious foot to be found along the shore of British Columbia since the summer of 2007.

An additional five feet have also been found on the coast of America's Pacific Northwest, bringing the grisly total to an eyebrow-raising eighteen.

Authorities are uncertain as to where these feet keep coming from but have assured the public that the eerie appendages are not the result of foul play based on the condition in which they were found.

However, what has perplexed forensic experts is that it is only feet which keep washing ashore and no other body parts appear to accompany them.

Various theories for their origin have been offered including that they came from people who committed suicide or died in an accident on the high seas.

Another tantalizing hypothesis that they feet are from people who fell victim to the massive tsunami that rocked Sumatra in 2004.

Unfortunately, unless someone hobbles in to a police station looking to reclaim their lost foot, it would seem that the strange spate of body parts appearing on beaches is likely to remain a mystery.

Source: CNN

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