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Are Ghosts a Manifestation of "Information Architectural Constructs?"

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The manifestation of earthbound ghosts may not be due to ectoplasmic energies breaching the other side but a Matrix-like construct of information retained by consciousness. Futurist and researcher Stephan Schwartz discussed this startling theory on C2C on 8/25/15. Studying aspects of post-mortem consciousness, Schwartz told George that medical resurrection techniques have restored people to life that were clinically dead for six hours. "Consciousness is the foundation," he said. "And materiality, it's manifestation."

Alluding to life after death, specifically ghosts, Schwartz said the apparitions may be "informational constructs – informational architecture."

Likening the ghost concept to The Matrix film, Schwartz suggested it may be similar to a cascading binary code that morphs into reality not unlike the constructed world Keanu Reeves found himself in. Schwartz said that people become aware of this informational architecture when they are in states of heightened emotion. They experience extreme focused intention. Briefly, they become aware of the non-physical informational construct – "a continuation of the fundamental nature of consciousness," Schwartz said.

For more from this fascinating interview with Stephan Schwartz, and to learn more about life after death, remote viewing and new resurrection techniques, hear the 8/25/15 show in its entirety. Not yet a Coast Insider? Sign up here.


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