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Are Wind Farms Upsetting Nessie?

Are Wind Farms Upsetting Nessie?

A Loch Ness Monster researcher believes that the proliferation of wind farms near the famed cyptid's purported home could be causing the creature great distress.

Mikko Takala of the Loch Ness Monster Fan Club expressed concern to the Scottish Sun about what he sees as a worrying development at the site.

"The more wind farms put up, the less sightings we've had," he observed, "so it must be linked."

Takala theorized that vibrations from numerous nearby turbines at Loch Ness could be disturbing the creature and may even be disrupting its navigational abilities.

Not one to simply let Nessie suffer in proverbial silence, Takala plans to test this hypothesis soon by placing underwater microphones in the loch to see if any unnatural humming from the wind farms can be detected.

Despite their unorthodox origins, any affirmative findings from the project will likely be welcomed by area activists who are distressed by the growing number of wind farms in the region.

However, the possibility that wind farms are annoying to Nessie will likely fall on deaf ears to those who wish to put more up around the area.

Source: Scottish Sun

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