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Are You Possessed?

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In his 1972 book Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth(1) Hal Lindsey offers a number of tips for "diagnosing demonic possession." Here is a rundown of some of his telltale signs:Occult Powers-"Be wary of those who have psychic powers," he writes. The ability to foretell the future could be a "gift of discernment from God," but can also be a "counterfeit from Satan."Necromancy-Mediumistic communications with the dead are generally a "demonic deception," whereby the demon is impersonating the deceased person.Change in Intelligence-When a demon is exerting influence over an individual there may be a "sudden or sporadic increase in the person's intelligence." He cites Hitler as an example.Increased Strength- "I saw a demon-possessed man at Berkeley with such superhuman power it took six men to hold him down," Lindsey notes."Filthy" Uncontrolled Swearing-The compulsion to "blaspheme the name of God and Christ" can in tandem with other symptoms be a sign of demonic influence.--L.L.(2)

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