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Argentinian 'Demon Dog' Debunked

The 'monstrous creature' allegedly photographed lurking on a street in Argentina has been shown to be merely the product of a talented artist and a clever hoaxer.

Said to have been captured on film by a terrified witness who saw the 'monster' savagely kill two dogs, the fantastic tale and jaw-dropping image quickly went viral in Argentina and subsequently spawned headlines around the world.

While paranormal enthusiasts theorized that the oddity could have been the infamous chupacabra or perhaps a demonic-dog, skeptics argued that the photo was merely a digital manipulation designed to fool people.

And, in this instance, their instincts proved to be correct as diligent researchers were able to find artwork online that almost certainly served as the original source for the 'mystery beast.'

It would appear that those who likened the 'monster' to the Demogorgon from the TV series Stranger Things were not too far off, in a sense, as it turns out that the 'demon dog' is a drawing of concept art for a werewolf character in the Harry Potter book series.

While it is somewhat disappointing to learn that there is not a blood-thirsty creature stalking prey in an Argentinian city, we imagine that those who live there are pretty happy that its a hoax.

Source: Inexplicata

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