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Armageddon Shuffle

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In an article in his September 2002 newsletter (PDF download(1)), Sean David Morton wrote that the US's actions in Iraq and the Middle East will be an "ill-fated, ill-timed, mad crusade," which will result in heavy losses for America. He further goes on to predict the formation of the "Organization of Islamic States," in which a charismatic leader will arise. Millions "will see him as the next Messiah. Nostradamus called him the third great Anti-Christ," he wrote.
In this article, Morton foresees waves of terrorism that will contaminate or destroy a number of US cities, "driving whole populations out into the countryside further west, right into the waiting arms of the federal government who now own close to 80% of the land west of the Mississippi." By 2006, the federal capitol will have been moved to Denver, as Washington DC will have been evacuated "due to the results of a Red Mercury bomb," he added.

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