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Armed Clown Chases Kids in AZ

A group of children walking home from school in Arizona were terrified when they were chased by a miscreant wielding an ax and clad in a creepy clown mask.

The bizarre incident occurred earlier this week in the city of Glendale when the group of youngsters were walking back to their neighborhood.

Suddenly, the boys spotted a menacing individual wearing a clown mask and holding an ax coming towards them.

According to one of the kids, the ne'er-do-well yelled at them, "you better run because we are coming after you."

The frightened boys heeded the clown's advice and ran away from the scene until they got home.

"I thought I was going to die today," one traumatized youngster told TV station ABC 15 in Arizona.

Although the boys' tale may sound like something they could have conjured up on the way home in a fit of boredom, an investigation by authorities suggests that the encounter was all too real.

Cops say that they found both the clown mask and the ax seemingly left behind by the person who harassed the children.

With no suspects at this time, police hope that photos of the recovered items from the crime scene may catch someone's attention and lead to a break in the case.

Much like warm weather seems to usher in crop circle season every year, one wonders if the same can be said of creepy clowns.

Source: ABC 15 Arizona

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