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Art Bell Remix Movie

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During the first week in Feb. 2001, Art Bell ran his web-cam taking a new shot about once per minute... I was watching these, and it occurred to me that they might almost animate - so after saving up quite a few, I cobbled them into a quicktime movie and added a soundtrack...

While the various days are mixed up - the order within each day's set are mostly in sequence (except for a few places where I moved shots around to enhance the animated effect)...

The soundtrack is: "Ten Thousand Years Ago" by the Vipers, a British Skiffle group from the 50s...

I'm a graphic artist/cartoonist (www.cuteybunny.com) and part time Computer Graphics Instructor - outside of using this movie as an example in some of my classes (of cheap and quick animation) I've not shown it elsewhere. Guess that's about it - Thanx for a Fun Show - and I'm really gonna miss Art!!

--Joshua Quagmire


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