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Art Bell Vault: Alien Encounters

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Our newest feature for Coast Insiders, The Art Bell Vault, features an expanding curated collection with two vintage shows added to the mix each Wednesday. This week's new programs explore the mysterious and unsettling alien abduction phenomenon, beginning with a July 2, 1997 episode in which Art spoke with the late Budd Hopkins about his groundbreaking research into these troubling instances of ET interaction. Also appearing during the program, which took place during the 50th anniversary celebration of the Roswell Incident, was investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe, who discussed the purported pieces of UFO material known as "Art's Parts," which have wound up making news in 2019.

Next up, we journey back to November 18, 1997, when author and experiencer Whitley Strieber discussed his personal 'Visitor' alien encounters, including a bizarre incident in Wyoming that was reminiscent of what he detailed in the book Communinion. Joining Strieber and Art during the program was the late Dr. Roger Leir in what may have been his first-ever appearance on Coast to Coast AM to talk about possible alien implants that he had been removing from people who suspected that they had been abducted.

These classic programs have commercials and breaks removed and are presented in multiple-platforms-- available on-demand for Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android. Many of them feature rare "5th" hours of content from back in the 90s when the show had a longer running time. We do include Art's beloved bumper music, which became such an indelible part of his program.

And for the true Art Bell fan, we offer different listening options to fine-tune your experience, such as guest only, and full show streams. Coast Insiders, we're very happy to bring this new offering to you at no additional charge to your subscription! We welcome your feedback.

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