Art Bell Vault: Mothman & Mysterious Creatures

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Our newest feature for Coast Insiders, The Art Bell Vault, offers an expanding curated collection with two vintage shows added to the mix each Wednesday. This week's programs center around mysterious creatures and famed monsters, beginning with a classic edition of the program from 1/24/2002 wherein Art spoke to legendary Fortean researcher John Keel about the Mothman case. He recounted the various strange events which ultimately formed his seminal book "The Mothman Prophecies," including poltergeist activity, UFO sightings, mystifying phone calls from 'mechanical' voices, and, of course, encounters with the entity which came to be known as the Mothman.

Next, we journey back to December 2, 2006 for a program in which Art was joined by adventurer and filmmaker Peter von Puttkamer, who talked about Bigfoot sightings by Native American tribes and accounts by hunters claiming to have encountered the creature. He also detailed his research into the Jersey Devil as well as thunderbirds in Alaska and recounted his search for the proverbial 'lost world' made famous by Arthur Conan Doyle and said to be the home of still-living dinosaurs.

These vintage programs have commercials and breaks removed and are presented in multiple-platforms-- available on-demand for Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android. Many of them feature rare "5th" hours of content from back in the 90s when the show had a longer running time. We do include Art's beloved bumper music, which became such an indelible part of his program.

And for the true Art Bell fan, we offer different listening options to fine-tune your experience, such as guest only, and full show streams. Coast Insiders, we're very happy to bring this new offering to you at no additional charge to your subscription! We welcome your feedback.

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