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Artwork: Facet 2 & Tulpa 4

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It's kind of a special occasion when I get to paint one of these in oil. Facet 2 (left) seemed unusually patient, except I'm not sure time works the same for it. Facet 2 wanders between the multiverse and its translation in this one was this weird solid abstract.

Tulpa 4 (right) was sweet. She had a nice smile and pretty unique fashion. She invented what's basically the opposite of gills for breathing above water since space travel would be much easier without having to carry pools of water into space. Sea life is well-suited to zero G.


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Douglas James Cottrell discussed his intuitive abilities, remote viewing, and conducted a live on-air RV experiment. Followed by author Marty Leeds, who talked about the mystical and mathematical properties of language.

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