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'Asparamancer' Forecasts 2018

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A psychic medium in England who purportedly possesses the power to divine the future using asparagus, of all things, has revealed her forecast for 2018.

Dubbed the 'Asparamancer' due to her unorthodox methodology, Jemima Packington claims to have an 80 to 90% success rate for her predictions.

She's been credited in previous years with predicting unexpected political upsets as well as sports winners and major social events in Europe.

According to her, she sees future events by throwing asparagus tips in the air and then interpreting the pattern they create upon hitting the ground.

And so, with 2018 having just begun, Packington has announced her predictions for the new year.

Among the many events she sees unfolding over the next twelve months, perhaps the most prominent may be that UK prime minister Theresa May will leave office and someone else will take up the position.

A prognostication that may hit closer to home here in the States is that America will find itself perilously close to war unless an 'unlikely peacemaker' emerges to prevent it.

On a social front, Packington also predicts that Bitcoin will crash and that physical books will increase in popularity over their digital counterparts.

Check out the complete list of the Asparamancer's predictions over at Metro UK.

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