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Astronaut Aboard ISS Snaps Amazing Picture of Soyuz Rocket Launch

Astronaut Aboard ISS Snaps Amazing Picture of Soyuz Rocket Launch

By Tim Binnall

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station captured a breathtaking image of a Soyuz rocket on its way to deliver new crew members to the ISS. Christina Koch snapped the photo yesterday as the vessel was in the midst of the second stage of its launch and subsequently posted the awesome sight on her Twitter account. Aboard the Soyuz were American astronaut Jessica Meir, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka and Hazzaa Ali Almansoori of the United Arab Emirates.

When the rocket docks with the ISS, Meir and Skripochka will reportedly join Koch and the rest of the space station crew for an extended stay and Almansoori is set to return to Earth in about a week. What made the photograph particularly poignant to Koch is that she trained to be an astronaut alongside Meir and, as such, marveled that the moment showed "what it looks like from the Space Station when your best friend achieves her lifelong dream to go to space."

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