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Audio: C2C Revisits Mothman

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After over a year of reported encounters with a flying humanoid-like creature which plagued the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the spate of sightings culminated on December 15, 1967, when the town's Silver Bridge collapsed, leading many to think that the infamous Mothman has been a harbinger of doom.

The subject of countless books and investigations, a major motion picture, and an annual festival in Point Pleasant, Mothman has become a fixture in the paranormal community for nearly fifty years.

In recognition of today's fateful anniversary, Coast to Coast AM has dug into our vast archive to provide a series of free audio clips centered around the Mothman mythos.

  • On the 02/14/05 edition of the program, iconic cryptozoologist Loren Coleman discussed the Silver Bridge collapse and the 'Mothman curse.'
  • Author L.A. Marzulli detailed his own investigation into the Mothman story on 1/7/2008 and shared his conclusion that it may be some kind of demonic entity.
  • Filmmaker Charlie McCracken and researcher Travis Shortt joined the program on 7/14/09 and talked about legendary esoteric author John Keel, who is credited with putting Mothman on the paranormal map.

Coast Insiders can also check out a variety of previous programs which covered the Mothman, including author Andy Colvin detailing his strange experiences with the entity on 8/21/11 edition of the program and researcher Bill Grabowski discussing the Mothman case on the 5/24/15 show.

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Artwork courtesy of Coast listener Aaron N.

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