Audio Tribute to Timothy Green Beckley

We were saddened to learn that prolific author Timothy Green Beckley passed away on Sunday night. As a tribute to his life and work, we present an hour of free audio-- an interview he did with George Knapp in 2020 on alien portals.

Timothy was born July 13, 1947 in New Jersey and entered the UFO field at the age of 14. In his lifetime he published UFO magazines such as the "Interplanetary News Service Report," and "UFO Universe." He wrote and published at least 250 books on UFOs and the paranormal. His last book was "Alien Lives Matter: It's OK to Be Grey."

He was a frequent guest on talk radio like the Long John Nebel show in New York and of course, Coast to Coast AM.  He appeared on television on such shows as William Shatner's Weird Or What?, as well as an episode of UFO Hunters regarding the dreaded Men In Black. He and Tim Swartz co-hosted their own show, Exploring the Bizarre, which aired on KCOR Radio.  

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