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Australian Cops Share Eerie Video

Members of a police department in Australia were left scratching their heads after spotting some potential ghostly activity captured via their CCTV system.

Posting the video to their Facebook page, the New South Wales Police Force explained that a garage door in their parking lot had been inexplicably left open despite the area not being used for days.

Curious as to who may have been responsible for the oversight, officers examined the security camera footage from the lot and were surprised to find that the door had actually opened on its own.

And, in a chilling culmination to the weird scene, a broom can be seen flying out of the garage seemingly propelled by an unseen force.

According to the cops, they've enlisted a technician to examine what appears to be a faulty door and quipped that dealing with the 'possessed' broom is a job best handled by the 'ghostdusters.'

Lest one think that the video was merely a Friday the 13th joke by the police department, they assured the public that the footage was genuine and that no shenanigans were at work on their part.

Source: NSW Police Force Facebook

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