Australian Couple Spots Downed Yowie?

By Tim Binnall

A husband and wife in Australia believe that they narrowly missed hitting a seemingly injured Yowie that they spotted in the road during a drive home. The couple recounted the experience in a riveting interview with the group Australian Yowie Research. According to the unnamed woman, as they turned a corner while cruising down Australia's Pacific Highway, they suddenly saw a large, hairy mass in the road and swerved their vehicle to avoid running over it.

Stunned by what they had just encountered, the couple contemplated a number of possibilities for what the creature could have been, but agreed that prosaic creatures like a deer didn't quite fit. "To us," she recalled, "what we saw was like the back view of a large ape in the road." Based on their observation, she estimated that the width of the creature was around 3 feet. She also noted that it looked to be curled up in a fetal position and, in that state, appeared around five feet long. As such, they posited that the beast likely would have been eight or nine feet tall if it had gotten to its feet.

However, making this particular sighting fairly unique, the creature did not stand up as it appeared to be almost cowering in the road. This led the couple to speculate that it had been injured somehow. "It looked like it had been knocked over and sort of tucked up," the woman mused. Her husband posited that, if it had been struck by something, the creature likely was likely clipped by a truck, since there did not appear to be any blood nor any car parts around the scene and the massive size of the beast would have decimated a smaller vehicle.

Unfortunately, the couple kept on driving after the weird experience rather than stop to investigate the situation because this particular stretch of highway had no place to pull over and stop. Considering that we've heard a number of Yowie tales which indicate that the creature has a somewhat pugnacious attitude, their decision to continue heading home was probably a wise one. What became of the beast after they saw it is anyone's guess, but since we've not heard of someone recovering a dead Bigfoot-like creature in Australia, we're guessing that it wound up recovering from whatever ailed it and headed off into the woods to fully recuperate.

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