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Australian Man Saves 'Unicorn' Sheep

By Tim Binnall

An Australian man is being hailed as an unlikely hero after he saved a 'unicorn' sheep from a trip to the slaughterhouse when he purchased the curious creature for two cases of beer. A livestock agent by trade, Michael Foster was reportedly visiting a farm when he spotted the odd-looking animal which was born with a birth defect in which only one of its horns fully formed and seemingly grew out of the center of its head. Initially thinking that the sheep's appearance was some kind of joke, the astounded Australian soon realized that the creature's condition was quite real.

It would seem that Foster took a liking to the strange sheep as, upon learning that it was going to be sent to a slaughterhouse, he promptly offered to purchase the animal in exchange for two cases of beer. Dubbed 'Joey,' the unique creature now resides with its new owner in the town of Burra, where it has become something of a local sensation. While the 'unicorn' has proven to be pretty popular among children in the community, Foster revealed that he has big plans for the animal. "We'll break him in, take him to shows and pageants," he said, "and who knows where we can go, maybe Hollywood."


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