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Australian Officials Dispute Investigator's Bold MH370 Claims

Australian Officials Dispute Investigator's Bold MH370 Claims

A mechanical engineer in Australia claims to have discovered the wreckage of the infamous lost airliner MH370, but officials in that country are crying foul over his rather bold assertions.

Peter McMahon made headlines over the weekend after declaring that he has found the missing passenger plane by using satellite images from Google Earth.

He went on to tell British newspaper The Sun that he had presented his findings to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau who allegedly informed McMahon that the spot he saw in the images could be the airliner.

As to why no one has gone and retrieved the wreckage yet, he offered a truly fantastic explanation: that the airliner was "full of bullet holes."

Unfortunately, McMahon did not explain how he discerned this jaw-dropping detail from the fairly nebulous Google Earth images.

He did, however, explain that this aspect of the crash is precisely why authorities do not want to find the plane, since it would produce a whole new series of troubling questions.

For their part, Australia's NTSB has strongly pushed back against McMahon's story, saying that the Google satellite images he is using are from late 2009, which is well before MH370 vanished.

Additionally, they insisted that the agency never gave McMahon any indication that his research was on the right track and lambasted him for making "spurious claims" which upset the victims of the crash.

No doubt the armchair investigator and MH370 conspiracy theorist will see the official rebuke as further proof that those 'in the know' are hiding something and wish to discredit his work.

It remains to be seen whether that truly is the case or if McMahon is more akin to the Malaysian mystic who claimed that the plane vanished into a parallel dimension.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the case of MH370 by checking out Richard Belzer's 3/10/2015 appearance on the program, where he discussed Someone is Hiding Something, the book he co-authored with George Noory about the case.

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Source: Fox News

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