Australian Woman Spots Eerie Entity Lurking Alongside a Trio of Yowies?

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By Tim Binnall

A woman in Australia says that her family was tormented by Yowies after they had moved into their new home and that, at one point, she saw a mysterious entity lurking alongside the creatures. Jackie Liversidge recalled the 2016 experience for the first time in a report to the Australian Yowie Research organization. According to her, it all began when they rented a cottage in the town of Tarzali, Queensland and immediately felt like something was amiss.

The first sign of strangeness, Liversidge said, was when someone or something began throwing rocks onto the roof of the home. Shortly thereafter, her son was outside at night and heard "a very loud demonic animal growl." The family subsequently spent the next few months in a state of unease as they felt as if they were being watched by an unseen observer and often heard the sound of something sizeable moving around outside the home.

Liversidge's tale culminated with a truly jaw-dropping incident in which she was outside at night and heard "someone walking." She quickly turned a flashlight toward the noise and was astounded to spot a creature that was "pitch black, hairy and the size of a chimpanzee." Before Liversidge could process what she was seeing, she realized that there were "two other sets of glowing eyes" which suggested that the mysterious animal was not alone.

Based on the height of the eyeshine, she said, it appeared that the creature's companions were considerably bigger than it was and she surmised that this was probably a family of Yowies. Liversidge managed to get a good look at the trio, observing that they "walked with big, long strides," seemed to have arms longer than a human's, and sharp, black nails. As one can imagine, the witness was terrified and ran back to the cottage, which she and her family moved out of a few weeks later.

While her story would be strange enough as it is, the account reportedly got exponentially weirder by way of a follow-up article from an Australian newspaper in which Liversidge revealed that the trio of Yowies were not alone. "There was another creature with them," she explained, "he was a strange-looking pale white guy, like the one all over the internet," referring to a hoaxed 'demon' image that went viral in 2010. Describing the features of this entity, she said that "the cheekbones were sunken and hollow but they never glowed, they were completely black."

Assuming that Liversidge is telling the truth, the nature of the being that was with the Yowies is open to speculation and paranormal enthusiasts are likely to suggest that it was some kind of supernatural entity. However, the owner of the cottage that the family rented has dismissed her story as the product of an overactive imagination and suggested that the mystery creatures were just possums. While Liversidge's story is indeed quite fantastic, we must concede that it's still more believable than a scenario in which she confused a possum for a Yowie.


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