Banshee Photographed in India?

An eerie photo circulating on social media in South Asia purportedly shows a banshee that was spotted atop a building in India.

The weird image was shared online by a Pakistani singer who asked his fans if they could verify the authenticity of the photo and said it was taken in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

In the image, a creepy-looking woman with hair strewn across her face can be seen sitting on the roof of a building as onlookers gather below her and take pictures.

Specifically, the singer suggested that the entity was a chudail, a fearsome female demon in South Asian cultures that is akin to the Western being known as banshee.

As one might expect, the photo quickly went viral on social media in both India and Pakistan, where the image was largely met with derision.

Among the critiques of the possible chudail photograph is that the entity would not allow itself to be seen by so many people nor photographed in such an obvious manner.

Considering that other photos of the incident have not emerged, the skepticism surrounding the image appears to be warranted.

That said, one positive outcome from the chudail furor is that both Indian and Pakistani citizens were in agreement on the suspicious nature of the image, which marks a rare instance when the famously tense neighbors are on the same page about anything.

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