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Battle Brewing Over Stonehenge Bones

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A high ranking Druid plans to challenge the British government over the propriety of ancient human remains discovered at Stonehenge.

King Arthur Pendragon contends that the bones which were excavated at the monument in 2008 are part of a royal lineage and deserve to be returned to the land where they were found.

Much to his dismay, the British government has so far sided with archeologists who wish to have the remains housed in a museum so that they will be readily available for future scientific study.

Contrary to the claims of Pendragon, Professor Mike Pearson told the BBC that the bones come from many different people and were buried over the course of 600 years.

As of now, the disputed bones are being held in storage until they can be transferred to a museum next spring at which point Pendragon plans to launch a legal assault on the government in order to reclaim the remains.

"We are not going to roll over on this and we are going to mobilize our supporters around the world," Pendragon declared to the BBC.


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