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Beheaded Rattlesnake Bites Man

A Texas man is lucky to be alive after a bizarre incident in which he was bitten by a rattlesnake that he had just beheaded moments earlier. According to a local TV report, the stunningly strange attack occurred over Labor Day weekend when a couple were doing yard work and spotted a four-foot-long rattlesnake. The husband swiftly sliced the snake's head off using his shovel and assumed that he had nothing to fear now that they had killed the creature.

However, like a scene out of a horror film, the rattlesnake still had some fight left in him and the man got a nasty surprise when he bent down to pick up the body parts. Incredibly, the severed head of the snake actually bit him! Making matters worse, the final, desperate act from the rattlesnake was extremely potent since the dying creature unleashed all of its venom into the man. This massive dose left the couple with little time to get help as the man almost immediately began experiencing gruesome effects from the venom including losing his sight and convulsing.

Time was so much of the essence that the man had to be transported to a hospital by helicopter and, once there, was administered a jaw-dropping 26 doses of antivenom. To put that in perspective, a typical victim of such an attack generally needs only two to four such treatments. After a harrowing 24 hours in which doctors were unsure if the man would survive the ordeal, it seems that he has weathered the storm and is on the road to recovery from the nightmarish snakebite.

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