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Belief in Aliens Derails British Author's Parliamentary Campaign

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By Tim Binnall

A Parliamentary candidate in England dropped out of the race after concerns were raised about her belief in aliens and the paranormal. Banker-turned-author Jill Hughes had been running for a seat in the House of Commons as part of the Brexit Party in an election set to take place next month. However, her campaign came to an untimely end last week following a detailed report from an anti-Brexit advocacy group which took issue with some of her more fantastic beliefs.

Specifically cited was a surprising statement from the acknowledgments section of her 2018 book Spirit of Prophecy. In it, Hughes wrote that "the ETs, some of them less than apple pie wholesome or positive pumpkins, are already here working with our world governments, but that's all hush-hush for now." Additionally, an author profile on Amazon for Hughes declares that she "believes in elves/fairies/mermaids/unicorns and all things Elemental and Other Worldly." It also claims that the aspiring Parliamentarian has had "numerous prophetic premonitions" often surrounding death and is a believer in reincarnation.

Beyond that, critics cited a 2017 social media post by Hughes in which she announced that "I have just come to truly realize that my purpose is to raise consciousness here on Earth – I originated from Sirius." As one can imagine, the totality of the candidate's unorthodox beliefs raised eyebrows among prospective voters as well as members of her party and Hughes ultimately decided to drop out of the race likely due to fears that the revelations had sunk her campaign.

While we may never know if Hughes' advocacy for the unusual would have cost her the election, history seems to suggest that it would have likely hurt her at the ballot box. To that end, a similar situation occurred last year in Florida when an alleged alien abductee ran for Congress and was subjected to considerable ridicule about her purported experiences interacting with ETs. Although Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera stayed in the race, she wound up coming in 6th place with merely 4 percent of the votes.


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