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Bermuda Triangle 'Solution' Disputed

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Last week's highly publicized claims that meteorologists had solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle are being called into question by the very scientist who was credited with finding the answer.

The proposed hypothesis, that microbursts conjured from hexagonal-shaped clouds over the Triangle were responsible for downing ships and planes, garnered considerable media attention after it was featured on the Science Channel.

As tends to happen, the story quickly spread throughout the press and morphed, in many places, into a declaration that the legendary mystery had finally been solved.

However, the expert featured on the segment that started it all has stepped forward to express his dismay at the furor.

Randy Cerveny, who was the proverbial 'star' of the story, told the Washington Post that he was aghast at his fifteen minutes of fame, especially since it involved the ignoble, in scientific circles, Bermuda Triangle.

Cerveny claimed that his statements in the segment suggesting that microbursts were behind the disappearances in the Triangle were "a straw man explanation."

According to Cerveny, he presumed that another scientist on the program would be featured explaining why the theory was implausible and further detailing how the preponderance of disappearances in the Triangle aren't particularly abnormal or mysterious.

Alas, the meteorologist was mistaken and the program, instead, simply ended the segment with the impression that he was advancing this belief and advocating for the idea that there was a mysterious element behind the Triangle disappearances.

"The editing on this was horrendous," he told the Post, "I was really upset when I saw this."

Lest one think that Cerveny is a proponent of a paranormal possibility behind the Triangle disappearances, that seems rather unlikely given his prominent standing in the scientific community.

To that end, he declared that "I have no interest in studying the Bermuda Triangle," ostensibly hoping that his unwanted association with the notorious topic will fade as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Cerveny, that's probably not going to happen and it's far more likely that he'll forever be linked to the sensationalized 'air bombs' Bermuda Triangle theory.

In his own unique way, the misinterpreted meteorologist may have unwittingly become that latest victim of the infamous Triangle.

Coast Insiders looking to learn what may really be behind the Bermuda Triangle mystery can check out the 4/15/2014 edition of the program featuring researchers Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon talking about their 'electronic fog' hypothesis.

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Source: Washington Post


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