Bigfoot Bandits Strike Again, Swipe Sheet Metal Sasquatch in Minnesota

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By Tim Binnall

Authorities in Minnesota say that a sizeable Sasquatch replica is the latest depiction of the legendary cryptid to fall victim to Bigfoot bandits. The impressive sheet-metal piece, which measures a whopping eight feet tall, had been located in the yard of a home in the town of Chanhassen until it was snatched sometime over the course of the holiday weekend. According to the Carver County Sheriff's Office, there were actually two 'Bigfoot' on display at the residence, but the ne'er-do-wells only made off with one of them.

Why only the single Sasquatch was taken is a matter of conjecture as is, of course, where the missing Bigfoot may be at this time. Several residents reported seeing the replica propped up against a stop sign in the town, suggesting that the theft was the work of pranksters. However, much like its corporeal counterpart, the faux Sasquatch was nowhere to be found when cops arrived on the scene. As such, they are asking members of the community with any information on the missing artwork to contact them.

The stolen Sasquatch in Minnesota is merely the most recent incident in what has become a troubling trend wherein Sasquatch artwork has been stolen from outside homes and business across America. Incredibly, there have been at least eight cases in the last year alone in states as diverse as Oregon, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oklahoma. As such, we once again implore those who may be in possession of one of these highly sought-after pieces to secure your Sasquatch in order to protect it from Bigfoot banditry.


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