'Bigfoot' Drone Video Revealed to be a Hoax

Last week's enticing drone footage from Idaho which purportedly captured a Bigfoot running through a field has been revealed to be a hoax.

After the video amassed nearly 600,000 views on YouTube over the last week, its filmmaker posted a subsequent update which came clean on the true nature of the footage.

In the video from the still-unnamed hoaxer, new drone footage clearly shows a man in a suit bounding through the field from a much closer angle.

Included with the update is the message, "I still do not believe in Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I do however believe life is full of humor and fun!"

While Bigfoot enthusiasts will likely not be amused by the trickery, the hoaxer deserves some credit for telling the truth about the video in a timely fashion.

No doubt there have been countless other hoaxers who were more than happy to let their 'work' linger and confound the cryptozoology community to this very day.

On the contrary, this case only lasted about a week and can now be chalked up to a clever individual who had the time, skill, and put in the effort to produce a fairly compelling hoax.

Bigfoot seekers can take solace in the fact that the concept of searching for the creature using a drone still has merit so long as the animal in question doesn't turn out to be a guy in a suit.

Source: Fox13 Salt Lake City

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