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Bigfoot Growl Caught on Tape?

By Tim Binnall

An odd video circulating online features the monstrous sounds of an animal lurking in a forest and some suspect that the creature could be a Bigfoot. The footage, which was posted to YouTube this week, was purportedly filmed by a camera placed on a tripod near an alleged Bigfoot hot spot somewhere in the United States. Unfortunately, the precise location is not specified nor is the identity of the person who procured the footage.

Nonetheless, it's a fairly compelling piece of video due to the strange sounds caught by the camera. In the footage, at around the one minute mark, a pair of odd 'whoop' sounds can be heard and they are soon followed by a menacing roar. Silence then briefly falls over the forest again, but is broken rather quickly by more roars and whoops. At around the two minute mark, the drama really increases as whatever was behind the roars seems to be approaching the camera and viewers can hear it breathing heavily and trudging through the nearby underbrush.

Alas, the mystery animal never manages to find its way in front of the camera, leaving viewers to guess what it may have been. The speculation seems fairly split along the lines of those who believe it may be Bigfoot and others who argue that it is a person, presumably pulling off a clever hoax. A third option may be that video is genuine, but the creatures making the sounds are your standard forest dwellers. One need only revisit this bizarre lynx 'battle' from Canada to be reminded that animals are more than capable of creating some pretty weird sounds. Share your take on the puzzling footage at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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