Bigfoot Spotted in Upstate New York?

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By Tim Binnall

A motorist in upstate New York suspects that he may have spotted a Bigfoot dashing across the road in front of his car. According to a local media report, the potential Sasquatch sighting occurred last Sunday evening as Michael Guimond was en route to his home in the community of Massena. Much to his profound surprise, the otherwise routine drive was interrupted by some high strangeness when "something bipedal ran across the road within 50 feet of my car." The bewildered witness observed that "it crossed the road from right to left in less than a second." Bolstering his belief that the creature may have been a Bigfoot, Guimond noted that the bipedal animal sported a shaggy coat of brown or gray fur as well as "arms and legs that moved in a circular motion."

While one might think that seeing a Sasquatch would be a thrilling moment for anyone, Guimond appeared to also understand the downside of being such a witness as he conceded while sharing the story on Facebook that he was doing so "as the risk of ridicule." Insisting that the creature was not a deer, the man acknowledged those who may make light of his sighting by musing "I know what you're thinking ... but I'm serious." Mystified by what he had seen, Guimond indicated that he had heard other accounts of Sasquatch being seen in the general vicinity of his encounter, which makes the case not altogether unbelievable.

Fortunately, while a few of his Facebook friends poked fun at him for the story, the vast majority of responses were overwhelmingly positive with several people feeling emboldened to share their own accounts. One individual recounted how their cousins were driving in the same general area and "hit something similar to what you are describing" with their car. Amazingly, when police came to investigate, there was no sign of any downed creature in the ditch where the oddity had been sent flying from the collision. Other people familiar with the location of Guimond's sighting echoed his experience of seeing a large, hair-covered bipedal animal scramble across the road with incredible speed.

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