Bigfoot Tracks Found in New York State?

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By Tim Binnall

An interesting set of photographs from New York state show what appears to be a trail of tracks that were left behind in the snow and some suspect that they could have come from a Sasquatch. The Facebook group Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley posted the intriguing images earlier this week and explained that they had been discovered a few days prior in the village of Pawling. The person sharing the images indicated that whatever created the tracks seemed to have a six-foot stride and a close-up photograph of a potential print suggested that creature possessed an approximately 15-inch-long foot.

As one might imagine, response to the pictures has been mixed with some members of the group theorizing that the markings were made by an animal, such as a rabbit or squirrel, bounding across the snow. Meanwhile, others argued that the tracks were from the famed Bigfoot. Hudson Valley is no stranger to high strangeness, as the area boasts a long history of bizarre UFO events and, last summer, was the site of a wild report wherein a woman claimed to have encountered an aggressive Sasquatch. Fortunately for the person who found these recent tracks, whatever created them had long since left the area, which may have saved them from a run-in with a similarly pugnacious cryptid. What's your take on the weird trail? Share your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.



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