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Bizarre Animal Carcass Found in Florida

By Tim Binnall

The bizarre remains of a mysterious creature were recently discovered in the back yard of a home in Florida. According to a local media report, Kelly Garrahan's boyfriend first stumbled upon the curious carcass on her property in the city of Titusville last week and alerted her to the ghastly find. When she ventured out to see the oddity, Garrahan was positively bewildered by the weird creature as it was unlike anything the ardent animal lover had ever seen.

She subsequently snapped a photo of the strange remains and sent the image to a local television station in the hopes that someone could identify the creature. As one can imagine, when they posted the image to their Facebook page, all manner of suggestions were offered by viewers, including some imaginative individuals who theorized that it could be a chupacabra. Fortunately for Garrahan, the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife eventually informed her that the creature was probably a possum.

That said, not everyone is on board with that explanation as even one of the anchors at the TV station looking into the mystery expressed doubt about the prosaic solution to the story. "I don't think it's a possum," mused Ginger Gadsen, "it doesn't look like a possum." Meanwhile, Garrahan may have a more maddening problem on her hands as the dead creature is still in her yard and it's begun to give off a rather horrific smell to the point that, regardless of what the animal may be, she now just wants someone to come and take it away.

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