Bizarre 'Body' Frightens Beachcomber

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By Tim Binnall

A volunteer with an organization that cleans up beaches in Florida stumbled upon what they thought was a decapitated human body, but their fear soon turned to laughter when the true nature of the 'corpse' was revealed. The strange incident reportedly occurred last week when a woman identified only as Kathleen from the group Ocean Hour was collecting trash that had been littered on the sands of Perdido Key near the city of Pensacola. However, much to her horror, she spotted an unsettling shape that bore an uncanny resemblance to a human body ... with no head!

Although a second witness on the scene quickly phoned the police, the pair bravely took a closer look at oddity and realized that there would be no need for a CSI unit to be dispatched. That's because the 'body' was, in fact, a mannequin that had become covered in barnacles, presumably for spending a considerable amount of time adrift at sea, and eventually washed ashore. Sharing the wild story on their Facebook page, Ocean Hour understandably declared "we are glad it wasn't a real body!"



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