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Bizarre Creature Killed by Farmer in Ukraine

A mysterious creature killed by a farmer in the Ukraine has baffled experts and left some wondering if it may be the infamous chupacabra.

The unsettling animal was allegedly felled by the farmer with a pitchfork after the man found it lurking in a barn on his property.

Residents of the village where the kill occurred have been terrorized in recent weeks as an unknown predator has been sucking the blood from their chickens and rabbits.

Many have attributed the attacks to the notorious chupacabra due to its purported penchant for draining the blood of its victims, leaving the farmer to declare that he had killed the legendary beast.

Veterinarians who have examined the creature say that it appears to be an African fox but boasts limbs and facial features which do not conform to the animal's normal description.

As such, they are still searching for answers as to the nature of the downed animal.

Based on numerous similar instances in the United States, it is likely that they will ultimately determine that the animal is some type of canine with an illness that caused its 'alien' appearance.

And, unfortunately for the frightened villagers, it appears that their ordeal may not be over as another man in the area claims that he saw a second 'chupacabra' during the melee but that it escape before it could be killed or captured.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the notorious chupacabra phenomenon can check out appearances on the program by author Nick Redfern and researcher Scott Corrales.

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Source: Daily Mail

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