Bizarre Mass Monkey Death Blamed on Tiger's Roar

The strange death of a dozen wild monkeys in India has been explained by officials with an equally weird cause: a tiger's roar.

The unfortunate creatures were found lying on the ground in a forest last week and left area residents baffled by what could have caused their sudden demise.

Although the initial theory for the event was that the animals were poisoned, a postmortem examination of the monkeys produced some rather eyebrow-raising results.

According to authorities, the monkeys appear to have all died from having a heart attack, seemingly at the same time.

As to what could have caused twelve monkeys to simultaneously drop dead from cardiac arrest, the veterinarian who conducted the examination theorized that the roar of a tiger may have been enough to trigger the incident.

The discovery of tiger paw prints nearby as well as sightings of the monstrous feline in the area appear to lend credence to the incredible theory.

However, other wildlife experts strongly disagree, expressing skepticism that wild monkeys would be so shaken by a tiger's roar that they would suddenly die of fright, since even the most timid animals living in the area do not display such a frailty.

Therefore, an alternative theory proposed by veterinarians is that the animals died due to some kind of infection.

Meanwhile observers online have suggested that perhaps the monkeys fell victim to a lightning strike.

What's your theory for what may have killed the creatures? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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