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Bosnian Healer Licks Eyeballs

An elderly woman in Bosnia has developed a reputation as a healer in her community via her bizarre practice of licking eyeballs clean and sometime curing them of ailments.

The 80-year-old Hava Celebic uses her unorthodox technique to extract various pieces of debris, including bits of metal, glass, and sawdust, from the eyes of people who seek her help.

Some even say that the woman healed their eyes of ailments that doctors could not treat.

Claiming to have helped over 5,000 people through her work, Celebic laments that she will be last eyeball licker in her family and that the tradition will not continue after she is gone.

"Unfortunately I cannot pass this to my descendants, because my children are too disgusted to put their tongue on someone's eye," she revealed, likely to the surprise of no one.

Nonetheless, there may be a chance that her work will continue into the future as villagers have told her they plan to remove her tongue after she dies so that they can continue to use it to heal those in need.

Whether people will make use of the severed tongue remains to be seen as the thought of having your eye cleaned by a dead woman's tongue is an even more unsettling scenario than the current one featuring the still-living Celebic.

Then again, as anyone who has had the maddening experience of having something small stuck in their eye for a long period can attest, desperate times can often call for desperate measures.

Source: Express

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