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Boy Finds Mammoth Tooth in Ohio

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By Tim Binnall

A boy exploring the grounds of an inn in Ohio unearthed a literal piece of ancient history: a woolly mammoth tooth. The remarkable discovery was reportedly made by 12-year-old Jackson Hepner during a family reunion held at the Inn at Honey Run in the village of Millersburg. The youngster was attending a family reunion at the site last month when, during a break from taking group photos by a creek, he noticed an odd-looking object in the nearby mud.

Hepner extracted the puzzling find from the dirt and, upon seeing the object in full, suspected that it was some kind of tooth. Amazingly his fantastic theory turned out to be correct as three separate experts confirmed that the boy's discovery was, in fact, the molar of a woolly mammoth. The exact age of the tooth is uncertain, but it is undoubtedly thousands of years old.



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