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British Boxing Legend Backs Flat Earth Theory

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By Tim Binnall

A boxing legend in England is the latest athlete to throw their support behind the controversial Flat Earth theory. Former multi-time world champion Carl Froch reportedly declared to a British media outlet that "the Earth is flat, 100%." His reasoning for this surprising stance is that, in his opinion, "there's no proof of the Earth's curvature." In response to those who say that images of the Earth from space confirm that the planet is round, Froch argues that those photos are a hoax.

"This fake space agency, NASA, uses CGI images and every one is different," the retired super-middleweight mused, "I'm looking at them thinking, 'Hang on a minute, they're like cartoons.'" He went on to allege that space entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are part of a cabal of elite power brokers intent on keeping the true shape of the planet from the public. As for what might convince him that the Earth is round, Froch says that only a trip to space would settle the matter in his mind, since then he could "see the Earth's curvature." However, since he also believes that the moon landings were fake, getting him onto a rocket might be a tough sell as well.

Remarkably, Froch is not the first athlete to back the Flat Earth theory as we've seen a number of instances over the last few years in which various well-known sports stars, such as Kyrie Irving and Shaq, have indicated that they believe in the controversial conspiracy theory. There's even a Spanish soccer team that changed their name to 'Flat Earth FC' back in July. Why, exactly, the idea seems to resonate with athletes is anyone's guess. The crossover appeal is particularly perplexing since sports stars often fly all over the world as part of their work which would, ostensibly, show them the true shape of the Earth.


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