British Woman Claims to Have Fallen in Love with Alien that Abducted Her

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By Tim Binnall

In a bizarre story out of Britain, a woman claims that she has fallen in love with an alien from the Andromeda galaxy after the ET had abducted her. Actress Abbie Bela's remarkable romance reportedly started when she lamented online about her lackluster love life, particularly her problems with "men from Earth," which led her to joke that perhaps she would have better luck dating an alien. Shortly thereafter, she began having recurring dreams of a white light and these mysterious experiences culminated with one magical evening wherein she believes that she met her soulmate from outer space.

Having been instructed by a voice in her dream to "wait in the usual spot" the following night, she sat perched by her window and, suddenly, "a flying saucer appeared outside." The actress was quickly transported onto the craft by way of a green beam. While aboard the UFO, Bela says, she encountered five extraterrestrials who were "very tall and slender," yet also appeared somewhat human. According to Bela, she immediately felt smitten with one particular ET and, to her surprise, the alien was also overtaken by love at first sight when they connected.

The entity was apparently so enamored with the actress that she was offered the opportunity to remain on the ship and pursue the unorthodox relationship, but Bela was fearful of being forced to leave Earth forever, so she opted to return home. Alas, like a Shakespearean play, this was the last she saw of her would-be interstellar paramour, though she has not given up hope that they will meet again. Keeping an overnight bag packed for when the alien returns, Bela mused that "I hope he comes back. I am willing to visit the Andromeda galaxy."

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