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Bruno Borges Has a Bestseller

In a somewhat unsurprising development, the first in a series of decoded books written by missing occult researcher Bruno Borges has become a bestseller in his native Brazil.

Borges' strange tale began back in March when the young man seemingly vanished without a trace and the case generated headlines due to the unique nature of his disappearance.

At the time that he went missing, Borges left behind a bedroom with walls covered in cryptic text as well as 14 coded books.

A subsequent investigation by authorities ultimately led to the conclusion that Borges had conspired with his friends and possibly his family to pull off an elaborate hoax.

At the time that police announced their findings, there was some speculation as to whether the young man would emerge from the shadows and reveal himself.

However recent events suggest that, if Borges truly did orchestrate a fake disappearance in order to sell his books, the plan is working to perfection.

The website PublishNews, which tracks books sales in Brazil, has placed Borges' first book, released in late June, on their non-fiction best seller list.

Titled 'TAC - Knowledge Absorption Theory,' the esoteric, decoded tome allegedly had a first run of 20,000 books, which has already been sold out, and now a second printing of 10,000 copies is being planned.

Clearly trying to take advantage of the interest surrounding Borges' works, the second book in his series is schedule to drop sometime in the next two months.

Despite the runaway success of his first book, Borges' family insists that his disappearance is not a publicity stunt and have expressed hope that there will be some news regarding his fate soon.

While that very well may be the case, if his disappearance truly was a masterful plot to generate interest in his work, it's unlikely that we'll see or hear from Borges anytime soon, since there are still 12 more books due to eventually be released.

Source: Globo via Google translate

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