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Buried Alive?! Family Tries To Free Entombed Teen

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A seemingly dead teenager who was placed into a coffin and then buried could be heard "screaming for help" from within her concrete tomb.

In the graphic video from Honduras TV news channel Primer Impacto, the girl's relatives can been seen smashing into the concrete tomb to get at the coffin containing recently entombed Neysi Perez, 16.

According to The Daily Express, Perez was heard "banging and screaming" from inside the vault.

Weirdly, Perez had died following a chilling supernatural scenario.

Perez had fallen unconscious while using the family outhouse. When she awoke, she was behaving erratically, foaming at the mouth. Her parents believed a malignant force had suddenly possessed her. They retrieved a local priest in an attempt to expel the purported unholy manifestation. After the priest performed an exorcism ritual, the girl abruptly became still - seemingly lifeless. Perez was rushed to the local hospital and was pronounced dead three hours later.

The day following her interment, her husband, Rudy Gonzales, was visiting the tomb of his dead love.

"As I put my hand on her grave I could hear noises inside. I heard banging, then I heard her voice," he told Primer Impacto. "She was screaming for help!"

Gonzales ran for help. Breaking through the sealed concrete block tomb with a sledgehammer, Perez's relatives quickly extracted the coffin. The glass viewing window of the casket had been smashed – the girl's fingertips bruised and bloody.

"Once we had taken her out of the tomb I put my hand on her body," her cousin Carolina Perez said. "She was still warm, and I felt a faint heartbeat. It looked like she had tried desperately to get out of the casket."

After attempting to revive the girl themselves they went for medical assistance.

"The whole family rushed in, almost breaking the door down, carrying the girl in her casket," attending physician Dr. Claudia Lopez told the news channel. "I told them to take her out and put her on the bed. We tried everything but the girl was dead. They put her back in the coffin and took her away again - back to the cemetery."

Doctors believe Perez may have initially suffered from a form of a catalepsy during the exorcism putting her in a clinically dead state. She later revived when entombed only to succumb to a fatal heart attack from the terror of being buried alive.


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