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C2C's 5 Strangest Stories of the Week

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From robots learning fairy tales to the dream-devouring Japanese entity known as the Baku, this past week was once again rife with stories of the strange and unusual which we featured here at the C2C website:

  • People in Japan need not be tormented by nightmares when they can turn to the Baku: a bizarre entity that legend says was created by God to devour bad dreams. Described as being cobbled together out of the parts of various animals, the Baku can somehow dispel bad dreams despite its nightmarish appearance.
  • While this 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up to be a particularly strange political season, the race for the White House has seen many unique characters vying for the title of Commander in Chief over the years. Discovery News has a collection of some of the oddly memorable presidential candidates.
  • Beloved by paranormalists, nearly forgotten by history, and undeniably influential on almost every aspect of modern life, Nikola Tesla continues to inspire fascination nearly 75 years after his death. Micah Hanks looks at why we still do not know the true depth of the man's genius. An ideal piece to share with friends who think Tesla is just a car company.
  • If the robot apocalypse can be prevented, we may have the Brothers Grimm to thank for it. That's because researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are experimenting with teaching robots about fairy tales in an attempt to help them understand right from wrong. A better way to stave off killer robots might be to just not make them, but apparently that option has been nixed.
  • Switching gears from the distant future to the distant past, a restoration project at a church in Bethlehem has reportedly unearthed a mysterious icon that had been hidden beneath a layer of plaster. The curious item is said to consist of brass and silver as well as stones and shells, but images of the icon have yet to be revealed.

Be sure to check out our In the News section here at the Coast website for more strange and unusual news stories throughout the week.


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