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C2C's Best Bigfoot Stories of 2017

C2C's Best Bigfoot Stories of 2017

2017 proved to be another busy year for Bigfoot with the iconic cryptid appearing in the headlines on numerous occasions.

The year began with a flurry of activity as a woman in Ireland photographed something out of the ordinary which she believed to be the elusive creature and, just days later, a man in North Dakota claimed to have followed Bigfoot tracks (seen above) for seven miles!

Additionally, possible Bigfoot tracks were also found in both a UK forest as well as in some freshly fallen snow in America's Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile, the creature's popularity seemingly reached new heights in 2017 as a city in Alabama, towns in North Carolina and New York as well as the entire state of Washington took steps recognizing Bigfoot's importance to their respective communities.

Taking things even further, one Texas city devoted their whole summer to Sasquatch, staging 'sightings' and other 'evidence' in an effort to encourage residents to go out and enjoy their local parks.

That's not to say that everyone was on board with Bigfoot this past year as a politician in New Mexico introduced legislation that would ban researching the creature using state funds.

Another person unhappy with the creature may have been the Idaho woman who crashed her car and blamed being distracted by Bigfoot for the accident.

Fortunately, the Nebraska driver who said she spotted Sasquatch along the side of the road and reported it to the state police fared better during her encounter.

Authorities were also forced to intervene after a North Carolina sighting raised concerns that Sasquatch hunters would soon flock to the state, causing cops to declare 'don't shoot Bigfoot.'

Other odd Bigfoot events from the past year included the debut of a bug spray said to attract the creature, a reality show star recounting her Sasquatch encounter for the cameras, and college basketball coach Mike Leach weighing in on whether or not the cryptid is real.

But the most bizarre story involving Bigfoot in 2017 may have been the man who claimed to have the creature's frozen head!

On a more serious note, Bigfoot's proverbial 'cousin' was dealt something of an abominable blow when scientists announced that a DNA study of purported Yeti specimens revealed that they largely came from bears.

More promising news for the Bigfoot 'family' came in the form of a new orangutan species discovered in Sumatra, suggested that the famed Orang Pendek may be lurking somewhere in the unexplored jungles of that country.

To that end, while 2017 may not have produced the long-sought-after proof that Bigfoot and his various kin across the globe actually exist, the start of another year brings with it renewed hope that 2018 will see the search for Sasquatch come to a successful end.

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