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C2C's Bizarre Blotter for 2017

C2C's Bizarre Blotter for 2017

It should come as no surprise that 2017 saw more than a few miscreants, ne'er-do-wells, and unsavory characters caught up in all sorts of strange misadventures. Some highlights from our proverbial police log this past year:


Sri Lankan astrologer who predicted president's death

Oklahoma city psychic charged with violating a 1915 law against fortunetelling

A pair of 'jokers' in Virginia and Miami

Florida man who ate his breakfast in the middle of traffic

Grave robbers in Italy & rogue treasure hunters in India

'Woo Woo' and the trespassing ghost hunters of South Carolina

Dentist in Alaska busted for performing an extraction while riding a hoverboard

A 'time traveler' in Wyoming, a vandal working at the behest of aliens in Wisconsin, and a Reptilian-hunter in Washington state

Three squirrels in New Orleans

Stolen Items:

Dinner for 120 people in Spain

Pet parrot replaced by imposter parrot in Australia

Mummified human toe from bar in Canada

Golden Apollo lunar module model

Life-sized 'Elf on a Shelf' in New Hampshire


Armed clowns menace children in Arizona and North Dakota

Clown arrested for murder in Colorado

Machete-wielding clowns literally coast to coast in California and Maine

Clown panic in Australia, Israel, and Pennsylvania

Mysterious & Unsolved Capers:

Fresh grave discovered in 12th century cemetery

'Cat shaver' prowling parts of Virginia city

'UFO Welcome Center' burglarized

$3 million dollar painting vandalized in Colorado

Stalker torments Florida psychic

'Coke bottle' robs restaurant in Kentucky

Serial cow killer torments Hawaiians

Menacing fliers accuse singer-songwriter Jackson Browne of leading a vast global conspiracy

On Trial:

Russian police officer who attempted to build a zombie army

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