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C2C's Bizarre Blotter for 2018

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By Tim Binnall

While the world may be an increasingly unpredictable place, we can always count on misguided individuals finding weird ways to wind up in hot water with the law. With that in mind, here are some highlights from our proverbial police log for 2018:


Spanish gang caught smuggling 9,000 pounds of stolen oranges

Philadelphia man busted for breaking the thumb off of a Terracotta warrior and taking it home with him

Celebrity psychic in Russia taken into custody for possession of a substance which he claimed was 'magic salt,' but turned out to be drugs

Ghost hunter in Pennsylvania caught trespassing while armed with an unsettling arsenal that included a two-foot-long sword, a knife, a shotgun, and a pair of brass knuckles

Paranormal investigator in Connecticut who fired a gun at a 'ghost'

Aspiring treasure hunter who broke into the home of author Forrest Fenn

Stolen Items:

A dying dolphin from a Chinese beach

37 garden gnomes in Scotland

A life-size Sasquatch sign

The world's deadliest spider

Eight years worth of surreptitiously sampled deli meat valued at $9,200


A crazed clown killed by a pizza man

An Indian man murdered by monkeys

An aspiring missionary slain by an isolated island tribe

Fraud Cases:

Dwarf hired to impersonate a goblin in Zimbabwe

Thai man fakes his death on Facebook to fleece family out of funeral costs

Heartbroken man in England fabricates 'psychic messages' from ex-fiancé's mother to try and win her back


Nazca lines driven over by trucker in Peru

Ancient rock formation destroyed by ne'er-do-wells in England

Shag Harbour UFO museum trashed by miscreants in Canada

Unsolved Capers & Crime Sprees:

A serial cat shaver terrifying British pet owners

An extortionist writing in riddles and harassing an animal sanctuary in New Hampshire

Serial animal killers haunting Washington state, England, and France

Miscellaneous Misadventures:

Tiger cub found in express mail package by police in Mexico

Ghost hunting device sparks bomb scare in Canada

'UFO landing' reported to cops in Texas

Firefighters in Louisiana called to put out 'possessed' couch that was set on fire

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