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C2C's Bizarre Blotter for 2019

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By Tim Binnall

This past year had more than it's fair share of strange incidents, nefarious ne'er-do-wells, and foolhardy misadventures that ultimately required the attention law enforcement. With that in mind, here is the 2019 installment of C2C's proverbial police log that we've come to call the Bizarre Blotter:

Arson: A distressed ghost hunter who set fire to someone's doorstep.

Assault: Fight about conspiracy theories leads to an ear-biting brawl, an argument between friends culminates with an arrow being shot into a man's cell phone, and separate stabbing incidents blamed on fear of zombies and aliens, respectively.

Bomb Building: Man constructs an explosive device to warn police about impending alien invasion.

Breaking & Entering: A mysterious house cleaner in Massachusetts, 'Captain America' (seen above) in Mississippi, and a group of overenthusiastic ghost hunters in England.

Clown-Related Crimes: Washington state teens terrified by peeping clown in Washington state, Iowa family menaced by haunting harlequin, British children frightened by face-painted stranger stalking them on the way to school, Ukrainian community unnerved by Pennywise impersonator, and North Carolina youngster arrested following traffic-stopping incident.

Death Threat: Dispute over a Flat Earth bet devolves into a dire warning.

Fraud: Oak Island tourism group hit with fake ticket scam.

Ghost Hoax: Teens busted for faking a phantasm to scare drivers in Indonesia and India.

Stolen Items: A $182,000 painting taken in broad daylight by a brazen thief in Russia, 159 bicycle seats stolen by one man in Tokyo, 50,000 apples from an orchard in Indiana, a one-ton boulder from an Arizona national forest (later returned), and Bigfoot statues in North Carolina and Florida.

Shots Fired: Man confuses fireflies for aliens & discharges his weapon.

Stalking: Treasure hunter arrested after repeatedly harassing author Forrest Fenn.

Trespassing: Dutch YouTubers caught entering a secure site in Nevada before 'Storm Area 51' event.

Vandalism: An ancient stone circle in Scotland tagged with graffiti, federal land in Arizona defaced with 'Research Flat Earth' messages, an Alabama farmer's field destroyed by 'crop circle makers,' and America's Stonehenge struck by a strange miscreant who left behind an unsettling altar.

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