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C2C's Festive 5 for St. Patrick's Day

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In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we've dug into the C2C archive to highlight five classic editions of the program centered around leprechauns and luck.

  • Back in 2009, Irish author Dr. Bob Curran joined the program to discuss the legends and legacy of leprechauns. He proposed that unearthed bones of diminutive humans in Ireland may lend credence to the tales of little people on the Emerald Isle and also shared a wealth of leprechaun lore that had been passed down over the years in his native country.
  • On Saint Patrick's Day 2014, psychic mediums Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lahr recounted the 'hidden' history of leprechauns. They proposed that the entities are magical figures descend from the infamous djinn in the Middle East. The duo also detailed the trickery that is often attributed to the mischievous little people.
  • Explorer and treasure hunter Ron Quinn shared his own personal encounter with a possible leprechaun during an appearance on the program in 2006. His experience occurred when he was only 10 years old and featured a man standing a mere one-foot-tall who rapped on his bedroom window on night. After Quinn told his tale to others, he became inundated with more stories of the little people, suggesting that perhaps the leprechauns are still with us today.
  • On the other side of the coin, psychologist Richard Wiseman detailed his remarkable eight-year study on luck for the C2C listeners way back in 2003. Based on his research, Wiseman concluded that people can improve their luck by harnessing intuition, expecting to be lucky, and having a positive perspective on ill-fortune. Wiseman expressed hope that his work could be applied to unlucky people to help break them out of their perceived funk.
  • One person who did not need to turn his luck around was author Randall Fitzgerald, who told the amazing story of having an incredible streak of good fortune with slot machines and learning how to turn the human body into a proverbial 'receiver' for positive outcomes. In the 2004 program, he also theorized that beginner's luck was caused by a combination of a lack of attachment, a sense of excitement, and no habits of mind.

Check out our episode recaps to learn more about these appearances and, if you're heading out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this evening, keep an eye out for leprechauns and good luck!


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