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C2C's Oddest UFO Videos of 2017

Despite what the skeptics may say, the proliferation of cameras throughout the world has produced a stunning array of UFO videos over the last few years and 2017 was no different.

Throughout the past twelve months, the Coast to Coast website has showcased a remarkable number of odd anomalies that were caught on film in a variety of interesting and unique scenarios.

One of the most widely discussed pieces of footage featured what appeared to be a cluster of UFOs seen hovering in the sky over the border between Mexico and the United States.

Similarly, another strange grouping of objects was filmed in Ukraine, while a mystifying orb was spotted by researchers in Canada, a UFO appeared to emerge from a volcano in Mexico, a fireball lit up the sky in Tasmania, and an unknown object seemed to buzz a jet at an air show in Chile.

Also international, but from an entirely different perspective, was a UFO filmed by a passenger flying aboard a plane over England.

Taking that point of view even further from terra firma, strange anomalies were once again seemingly caught on film, twice no less, by the live stream camera on the ISS and, on one occasion, from a SpaceX launch.

Here at home, there was an odd orb spotted following an aircraft in New Hampshire and UFO videos from Texas, Nevada, and Washington state that all found their way onto local news broadcasts in their area.

Meanwhile, a UFO may have been inadvertently featured on national television as eagle-eyed Fox News viewers spotted something strange zip through the sky past the U.S. Capitol Building

And, showing that the phenomenon can still find ways to surprise us, there was a potential new form of UFO seen near the Bermuda Triangle and detailed by Joshua Warren on C2C back in June.

The year wrapped up with perhaps the most credible UFO video to come along in quite some time, simply by the nature of its source, when the Pentagon released their own footage of an anomalous object.

While the anomalies found in the various pieces of footage we've featured in 2017 remain unexplained, they serve as a reminder, when looked at collectively, that UFOs continue to appear in the skies across the world.

Perhaps in 2018, you'll find yourself in the right place at the right time and have a sighting for yourself. Should such a thing occur and you're quick with your camera, your encounter just may be featured in our round-up of odd videos next year.

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