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C2C's Top 10 Ghost Stories of 2017

C2C's Top 10 Ghost Stories of 2017

It seemed that nary a week went by in 2017 without some kind of story surrounding ghostly activity, either filmed, photographed, or simply told as a terrifying tale.

Rather than subject you to a series of blobs, orbs, and hard to discern shapes that may or may not be an actual apparition, we've opted to comb through our 2017 catalog to find ten of the downright strangest ghost stories from the past year.

Spanish Town Has a Ghost Problem - A truly haunting photograph (seen above) of what looks to be the ghost of a little girl lurking in a Spanish town hall led to considerable consternation when local officials refused the request of residents to enlist an exorcist for the situation.

Cops in Chile Encounter Poltergeist! - Almost the exact opposite reaction to a potential haunting occurred in Chile when police visited a home where a poltergeist was allegedly tormenting a family and then detailed their chilling experience to the local media.

Storm-Damaged Tree Eerily Resembles Legendary Ghost - On its own, the story of a storm ravaging a tree and leaving it with a jaw-dropping scar that looks almost like a person would be enough warrant a raised-eyebrow. When one learns that the park where the tree is located is said to be haunted by a ghost dubbed the 'lady in white,' the tale turns positively weird.

Infamous 'Ghost Plane' Seen Again - Occupying a rarified realm between a haunted object and the spirit of a departed person was the case of the 'phantom plane' spotted in the skies over a county in England. Despite being dismissed as only local lore, a fresh sighting of the ghost craft in 2017 breathed new life into the eerie legend.

'Ghost' Video of Bollywood Star Stirs Up Controversy - It's not everyday that a ghost story spawns a conspiracy theory, let alone two, but just such a thing occurred in Pakistan this year. A viral video, said to show the spirit of a beloved Bollywood actor who had passed away earlier this year, created something of a firestorm as various camps claimed that the footage was being used for political purposes.

Trail Cam Photographs Ghost Girl? - While we now know that the eerie image was, in fact, of a living person, the curious case of the trail cam 'ghost girl' in upstate New York captured the attention of the region and, shortly thereafter, the country as people let their imagination run wild wondering who the little girl was and, more importantly, whether or not she was a ghost.

Eerie Activity Reported at Ted Bundy's Childhood Home - As we saw with a bar in California and a help wanted ad for a nanny in England, working in a haunted location can be pretty unsettling for those unfortunate enough to experience it. This is especially the case when the site happens to be the childhood home of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

Dad's Haunted Doll Collection Spooks Family - For some strange reason, possessed dolls seemed to pop up in the news quite a bit this year, frightening folks in Peru, England, and Malaysia. However, none of those stories could match that of the UK man who, much to the chagrin of his family, amassed a rather massive collection of haunted dolls.

3D Scan of Haunted Idol Encounters Eerie Issues - At the other end of the spectrum, there was the alleged haunted idol that seemingly had something to say when subjected to a 3D imaging scan. The remarkable combination of modern technology applied to something that appears to be almost supernatural produced some truly head-scratching results.

Texas Store Boasts 'Haunted' Couch - Speaking of haunted objects, perhaps the oddest such story we encountered this year was that of the Texas furniture store that claims to have a possessed couch! The unique tale proved to be so unusual that it actually inspired a pair of Coast fans to embark on a road trip to the store and check it out for themselves.

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